Dear fellow caregivers,
You are welcoming a patient from Ukraine.
Here is a list of useful information to know in the context of his medical care.

General Information

Distance Paris – – – > – – – Kiev : 1257 miles
42.5 million inhabitants / Average salary: $292 per month
Literacy rate: 99% / Life expectancy: 71.58 years
Spoken language : Ukrainian

Vaccination is less than 40% for the Orthodox Christian population.


Ukrainian woman holding a flag to the photographer during a peaceful protest

● Ukrainians can use their emotions during conversations or negotiations, be very reserved or extremely dramatic, leading to rapid mood swings.
● Ukrainians tend to speak in a calm, composed voice, with slow, nuanced speech.
● Ukrainians appreciate being independent and self-reliant. Asking for and accepting help can be seen as a weakness.
● “OK” with the index finger and thumb together in a circle is considered obscene, as is shaking one’s fist.
● When sitting, it is appropriate to keep your knees together. It is rude to place your ankle above your other leg. It is also considered inappropriate to walk with your back turned in front of seated people.

Beliefs, Practices & Rituals

Catholic celebration in the streets of the city

● Most Ukrainians are Christians. The Ukrainian Church is one of the most mystical, ritualistic and symbolic Orthodox churches.
● Ukrainians attach more importance to the past than to future projects.
● Ukrainians use the Eastern Orthodox calendar. The dates of religious holidays may differ from celebrations held in the West.

Eating habits

Meals in traditional dress

● Lunch is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast and dinner are lighter.

Pregnancy and motherhood

Baby boom under the bombs in Ukraine

● Pregnancy For Others (GPA) is possible and authorized.
● Abortion is legal in Ukraine up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

End-of-life care

An elderly couple watching the busy city from a bench
● Ukrainians may want to support the suffering person as much as possible with prayers and manifestations of love and care.
● Ukrainians do not value therapeutic persistence, especially by artificial means. They believe that death is the passage to eternal life.
● The family may sometimes veil the mirrors so that the spirit of the deceased is not reflected in them.
● It is common to want to veil the person’s face with a cloth.
● Regarding organ donation, Ukrainian law requires the written consent of the deceased.


This section allows us to share experiences. Feel free to share yours with the community.

Sources :
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