Dear fellow caregivers,
You are welcoming a patient from Norway.
Here is a list of useful information to know in the context of his medical care.

General Information

Distance Paris – – – > – – – – – Oslo : 834 miles
5.2 million inhabitants / Average salary: $8,238 per month
Literacy rate: 100% / Life expectancy: 82.3 years
Spoken languages : Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)

● More than 99% of people speak Norwegian. There are two types of written Norwegian: Bokmål and Nynorsk (both languages are spoken and are of equal importance).
● Norway is part of “Scandinavia” and shares many cultural traditions with other countries in this region.


Young Norwegian women participating in a Constitution Day parade in Oslo

● Norwegians follow the law of “Rim” which emphasizes humility. All people are considered equal and they refrain from criticizing. Criticism that is made is based on facts rather than opinions.
● Relationships tend to develop slowly. Appearing too friendly at the beginning of a relationship can be seen as a weakness.
● Norwegians may not openly express their feelings outside the family context.
● Communication is usually casual and informal. Many Norwegians are frank and expect the same from others. Honesty is appreciated and expected.
● Norwegians are generally punctual and expect the same in return.

Beliefs, Practices & Rituals

Interior of a Norwegian church

● Norway is predominantly Protestant and 83% of Norwegians belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Norway. There is a debate about the separation of church and state.
● Norway is considered the least religious country in Western Europe.

Eating habits

The average Norwegian family spends $379 on food per week

● Seafood is the traditional staple food in Norway (smoked salmon is one of the most exported foods).
● Game meat is also used in large quantities in Norwegian cuisine. Sweet and sour sauces with other spicy accompaniments are common.
● Dairy products are extremely popular in Norway.

Pregnancy and motherhood

In Norway, almost all two-year-olds are in day care

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End-of-life care

By 2060, more than 50% of the Norwegian population will be over 70 years old compared to 11% today

● Lutherans share many of the same beliefs as Catholics. Nevertheless, they do not confess to a priest or receive their last will and testament.
● The Book of Concord is an additional religious text that the sick patient may request.
● Anyone is considered an organ donor, unless they have expressed their refusal, before death.


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